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     Although serious medical diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, prostate issues and cognitive decline face all of us, sexual health, libido and erectile dysfunction seem to capture popular attention.

Proper Testosterone Replacement Is Safe

     Recently the spate of TV ads denigrating testosterone replacement therapy has been misinterpreting the scientific studies.  The large study these ads refer to was one using veterans’ hospital data in elderly veterans after heart surgery whose testosterone  levels were replaced to only 317 ug/dl still below the normal limits range which is from 350 to 1200 ug/dl.  Their levels were still low in testosterone and there were 100 women included in the study1. Some authors would like to see testosterone replaced to high normal levels.  Low testosterone is related to bone loss, muscle loss, lower levels of Human Growth Hormone, increased inflammation, poor mood (grumpy old men) low sex drive, poor erectile performance and increased rates of coronary artery and heart disease2,3 says Harvard urology professor Abraham Morgentaler, MD.

     Careful monitoring of men on testosterone therapy is important.  Giving shots of testosterone can cause very high levels of testosterone in the body which can then change it into estrogen (female hormone) causing increased breast tissue, abdominal fat and prostate cancer risk.  Drugs such as Arimidex and herbs such as Berberine need to be given (aromatase inhibitors) to slow down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Testosterone prevents prostate cancer.  Estrogen is the culprit in increasing prostate cancer2.  Too much testosterone can cause an increase in the number of red blood cells (polycythemia) which makes the blood sticky and more likely to cause heart attacks and strokes.  Donating blood, which is almost always a good thing, is important for men with too much blood.  Keeping an eye on the blood count, PSA (prostate test) and blood testosterone levels is the responsible way to monitor testosterone replacement therapy.  Using testosterone topical cream is a safer way for most men to replace this hormone.  The cream used daily on the groin area and scrotum with a little on the face to reduce lines and wrinkles provides a more continuous, lower but effective dose of hormone replacement. One author feels that when there is sufficient testosterone replacement a man should have morning erections4.

Pandan to the Rescue

     Pandan is a combination of herbs from the Philippines which promote a great increase in the frequency and duration of erections.  We call it Cialis light.  It has none of the possible side effects of the commonly advertised pharmaceutical products such as blue vision, headaches or priapism (an erection which doesn’t go down after several hours and can be very dangerous).  Pandan contains Bignay, Thatch Screwpine, Saw Palmetto, Horseradish Tree, Ngai Camphor Tree, Holy Basil, Yerba Buena, Pansit-Panisitan, Chinese Chaste Tree, Indian Tinospora, Madagascar Periwinkle, Rauwolfia and Panax Ginseng.  The dose is one or two per day and one or two a couple of hours before intimacy. There is a female version of Pandan called Seroena.  Many people prefer using herbs for health care support.  They have a long track record of safety.  Several of the herbs in Pandan are also good for prostate health as well.    


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