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Staying Strong Michael Gerber, MD, HMD There are uncountable ways to maintain our strength.  My favorite ways to maintain strength are well known for those of you who read my columns. Diet If you eat junk food, fast food, soda, gum, damaged, processed omega 6 oils, such as corn oil, soybean oil and Canola oil you will suffer in the long run.  These bad oils gum up your 100 trillion cell membranes and don’t allow oxygen to go into the cells and promote good energy.  Remember 100 years ago only 3 % of the population died of cancer and now that number is over 40%.  What happened? One of the reasons is that high heat processing of commercial oils has caused damage to our cell membranes so oxygen can’t be delivered into the cells.  If the cells don’t get oxygen they become anaerobic, function without oxygen, and turn cancerous. Hormones Hormones are my favorite topic.  Most people who come to see me have very weakened adrenal glands.  They are weakened by any stress.  These tiny but extremely important glands sit on top of the kidneys and give our body a great part of our energy.  Every stress weakens the adrenal glands and weakness causes instability of blood sugar.  Low blood sugar causes every symptom of stress  such a s extreme fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, gastritis, dizziness, neck pain, back pain, memory loss, obsessive compulsive disorders, lack of appetite, headache and many, many more symptoms. We put back very low levels of adrenal gland support that can make all the difference in ones energy.  We have been using adrenal support formulas for 37 years. Thyroid disorders affect most of us.  Thyroid blood tests are notoriously inaccurate.  You can have enough thyroid hormones in the blood but if the thyroid receptors in every cell of our body are blocked they can’t receive the message.  It is like having a newspaper in front of your face with your eyes closed.  The message is there but you can read it.  There are many thyroid receptor blockers in our environment such as bisphenol A in plastic water bottles, fluoride toothpaste, cruciferous vegetables, egg whites, beans, radiation, pregnancy and many more.   So if you are tired, depressed, cold, have dry skin, hair loss, infertility, have heavy periods, constipation, and poor digestion, consider natural thyroid supplementation. The sex hormones all diminish with aging.  Men’s testosterone levels decline after 50 and even  younger in some men.  Checking blood levels of testosterones are very important.  Testosterone is not just sexy and muscles, which it is, but also promotes good mood, heart and artery health, bone health (men and women need it to prevent osteoporosis) and is very anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetes.   Testosterone cream is good for women as well as men in about a 1/10th of the male dose and really helps the female libido, sex drive, as well as osteoporosis and overall energy. Bio-identical Hormones All of the hormones used should be bio-identical which means that the hormones are just like the ones your body makes rather than a synthetic version of the hormone that can block our natural hormones.  Synthetic hormones have been related to chronic disease and increase cancer frequency.   Using bio-identical estrogens, biest, triest, estradiol and progesterone, DHEA, testosterone keep you strong and youthful.  These safe hormones are available by prescription from compounding pharmacies, health food stores and integrative practitioners. Super Brains Many things interfere with your memory.  Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic and others short circuit your brain.  These heavy metals are very common in Northern Nevada.   Removing them with oral and intravenous chelators (chelators bind to these metals and take them out of your body) make everything work better.  Bad circulation limits oxygen to every one of our cells.  These are but a few of the important aspects of keeping your brain from dementia.  Start young and have all these parameters analyzed before you start going downhill.   I love CDP Choline, cytidine 5-  diphosphocholine which is an immediate precursor to acetylcholine, the brain chemical for memory.   Acetyl L Carnitine is another wonderful supplement for memory and enhances acetylcholine as well.

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