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Over the past 25 years, physicians in many countries have become increasingly willing to prescribe opioids for chronic pain for causes other than cancer. The burgeoning use of opioids has been accompanied by a steep increase in opioid related mortality. In the United States, deaths involving opioid analgesics increased from 4,041 in 1999 to 14,459 in 2007 and are now more common than deaths from multiple myeloma, HIV, and alcoholic liver disease. Opioid prescribing and opioid related deaths—most of them unintentional are increasing around the world.”1 The FDA is currently considering new restrictions on the popular hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Vicodin) pain killer to limit the way it is prescribed and the amounts prescribed. Readers of this magazine realize that they are many underutilized treatments for pain relief including: chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, Reike, essential oils, homeopathic creams and oral homeopathics, isopathics, HCG, bio identical hormones as well as sound therapy, meditation and stress reduction techniques. Surgical approaches are brilliant when needed, yet many patients are at the end of the line in their search for help with chronic pain.

Neural Therapy to the Rescue

Neural therapy has been developed in Germany since 1905 when Einhorn synthesized procaine (Novacaine) a local anesthetic which normalizes nerve function. The Germans led by the Huneke brothers developed injection techniques for every area of human body. Using procaine injections with the addition of homeopathic remedies and ozone, O3 (Prolozone) and German Isopathic remedies primarily employed in the skin over acupuncture points but also in all of the joints in the body and nerve plexes is a brilliant and immediate reliever of pain. All of the uses for Neural Therapy take up many textbooks but I will mention a few of the most frequent interventions for pain.2 Headache Most tension headaches disappear in about 10 seconds with a ¼ cc injection into each side of the back of the scalp two fingerbreadths from the occipital notch. This relieves about 90% of headaches. Sometimes the pain needs to be chased to the temples or behind the ear. It won’t stop a three day migraine but it helps the intensity of them. Sinus Pain Sub cutaneous injections of acupuncture sinus points immediately opens up clogged sinuses and they begin to drain. Pain and infection begin to improve immediately. Tooth Pain Acute and chronic teeth pain, infection, root canals, improperly removed wisdom teeth can be immediately improved with neural therapy and added isopathic remedies to address infection. The gums next to the teeth are first numbed with topical lidocaine and then injected painlessly with procaine and isopathics followed by ozone gas which kills all bacteria and fungi. We have saved many teeth in this manner and treated undiagnosable chronic, systemic illnesses related to bad teeth. Neck Pain, Thoracic Spine Pain, Lumbar Spine Pain, Sciatica Bubbles of procaine with homeopathics for injury or arthritis are injected into the skin above the spine of the vertebral segment that relates to the pain. Following that the ligament between the dorsal processes is lightly injected and then we follow with ozone gas. The usual treatment schedule is once per week for four to six weeks. Frequently one or two injections do the job of pain relief. Shoulder, Knee, Elbow, Wrist Pain Starting with a circle of bubbles around the joint with procaine and homeopathics for either injury or arthritis followed with procaine in the joint (doesn’t hurt) with a little ozone chaser to awaken damaged tissues and nerves is a very frequent intervention in our office. Stomach Pain, Gall Bladder Pain Bubbles in the skin under the rib cage and up the sternum when tender immediately improve or stop stomach pain, gastritis and GERD. Using the homeopathic for spasms helps a lot especially for pain injected over the liver and gall bladder acupuncture points for gall bladder colic. Kidney Stone Pain, Kidney Pain I have recently written in these pages about the immediate relief of Kidney stone pain by injecting procaine, Spascupreel (for spasms) into the Kidney-Bladder distinct meridian acupuncture points. Bubbles injected into the back of the head, middle of the back and behind the knees relieves pain and nausea in minutes. Bladder Pain, Pelvic Pain The pelvic nerve plexus behind the pubic bone is easily injected for endometriosis, ovarian cyst pain, bladder pain and interstitial cystitis and other chronic pelvic pain conditions and can be immediately helped with procaine, homeopathics and ozone. It is not painful to do this intervention and there are very few ways of helping people with chronic pain in this area. This is of course a brief review, highlights, if you will of the power of neural therapy. Thanks to my teacher of this therapy, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.   References
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