MRSA – A New Approach

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Training the Terrain

MRSA, Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus areas, is a big problem for many of our patients. Chronic debilitating, painful skin lesions treated by multiple antibiotics to which the Staph frequently becomes immune. Staph aureas (SA) has the ability to defeat the body’s immune system with catalase, the enzyme that breaks down peroxide and nitric oxide the usual killer of bacteria with the oxidative burst from white blood cells. SA has many other nasty capabilities to promote chronic disease. The pathophysiology of SA is beyond the scope of this article and is very fascinating. Fortunately, pH may be of help in eradicating MRSA. A strongly alkalinizing topical gel along with drinking highly alkaline water and intravenous bicarbonate with procaine has given several impressive clinical results. In food science acidic environments also inhibit SA and we will be using a new topical gel with a pH of 2 which is not burning. It is a new molecule.

New Alkaline Territory

Of course, alkaline diet, adrenal and thyroid support with antioxidants, healthful habits and stress reduction are very important. However, new products, available in the last few years have changed the game of alkalization. pHenomenal water1 is a product created to provide a solution of 13.5 pH which is diluted 1oz/quart of good water to provide 11.5 pH water. Patients are instructed to drink this water all day. We ask patients to check 1st morning urines to achieve a pH of 6.5 to 7. Of interest pHenomenal water is also great for gout. It rinses out uric acid. A gout patient who limped in to the office with a blood uric acid of 4.2 was asymptomatic 10 days later on pHenomenal with a uric acid of 11.4. It cleared the uric acid from his tissues and raised his blood levels. Be careful treating patients with compromised kidney function as it may increase acid elimination through the kidneys initially. The alkaline gel, Spencer’s gel2, so named because of the patient Spencer’s impressive cure of MRSA, is pH 12.1 and is not caustic. I use it every day for tightening my facial skin. This gel is applied several times per day to MRSA lesions. It is now available with DMSO which the manufacturer thinks may be more powerful than the original formulation.  

JK’s story (with permission) 45 year old male

“Last April 2012 I developed two large boils and many smaller ones out of know where. I didn’t go to the doctor until the last minute, they were going to call an ambulance but I refused to go, so they decided to cut me open right then and there.

The stuff that came out of the boils (one was the size of a small apple and one the size of a golf ball) after they cut me open looked like fish eggs. Which they put on a petri dish and determined it was full blown MRSA and decided to put me on five different kinds of antibiotics and a triple dose. Also I had to shower twice a day and wash myself with hibiclens surgical soap. I heeled up really quick but very tired. After I finished the antibiotics it took about 6 weeks and I got sick again. So they put on more antibiotics, this went on for rest of the year except it came on stronger and sooner every time.

I finally went to Dr. Gerber early this year after I was on antibiotics again for 6 weeks (sulfur based) with no improvement. When I came to Dr. Gerber he put me on pHenomenal water and Spencer gel for my skin infections, and within 72 hours it was a world of difference. Mind you I was going into this very skeptical. But also knew that if antibiotics wouldn’t work, I was finished. Ever since Dr. Gerber decided on this treatment I haven’t been sick or had a cold, sometimes I still get tiny boils that look like zits, and I’ll use the Spencer gel and they usually disappear within days. Now I use pHenomenal water and Spencer gel as maintenance. I rub the gel liberally on the spots that usually breakout as prevention. Ever since then I haven’t been on any kind of antibiotics thanks to Dr. Gerber, it is pretty incredible.”

76 year old lady with Staph Ankle Lesion

A debilitating, painful staph lesion on the ankle with fever and great fatigue was amazingly improved overnight after an IV of bicarbonate 120 cc of 8.4 % bicarbonate with 10 cc of 3% procaine. (Recipe courtesy of Dr. Klinghardt)  

41 yo lady with 10 year Hx of MRSA

This lady with a 10 year history of MRSA has eczematous looking lesions all over her back and 3 to 4 inch lesions on her abdomen and extremities. She has been having a good, early response to the Spencer’s gel, pHenomenal water and weekly IV bicarbonate and likes ozonated olive oil topically before the Spencer’s gel on her wounds.

Other MRSA Therapies

Of course there are a myriad of other alkalinizing therapies in our therapeutic universe. Sanuvis, homeopathic lactic acid is an important agent. Alkala, Nema base, Bio Terrain, which I call our sexy German baking sodas have been used for decades. Pleo Not, Penicillium notatum from TerraMedica is great for all Staph and Strep infections as is the hapten, PleoSan Staph. Haptens are part of the bacterial membrane that stimulate the immune response against Staph.

Tame the Terrain

It seems logical that if multiple antibiotics can’t halt the dreaded SA then changing the milieu is the first step in helping the immune system do it’s job. The same may be said for cancer, arthritis and many chronic illnesses. MRSA is just a more visible target for these therapies.   References
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