Medical Services

Gerber Medical Clinic focuses on bioidentical hormones support and healthy aging. We also feature pain control with neural therapy, procaine therapy with homeopathics from Germany and ozone therapy by injection. Sinus injections, teeth therapy addressing faulty root canals and toxic amalgam fillings are one of our specialties. We integrate more homeopathic remedies for constitutional issues as well as homeopathic treatments for infectious disease than most of the other clinics in our area. Intravenous therapies of high dose vitamin C with multiple nutrients as well as chelation therapy to remove heavy metals and improve vascular health as well as oxidative therapies of intravenous peroxide and ozone have been staples of our clinical service for almost 37 years. This duration of experience is exceptional both locally and nationally. Prenatal nutrition is very important as is our ability to totally stop nausea of pregnancy. In pediatrics, parents who, hopefully, don’t immunize and are frustrated with usual drug treatment of their children to menopausal women and men and the elderly who are deteriorating rapidly. Those with unidentified allergies to foods such as milk, sugar and wheat in children and adults are happy to meet us. The chronically ill of all stripe, especially chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic viral and bacterial illness and vascular disease as well as the depressed, anxious and insomniacs. Our depth of experience, 37 years, and our multiplicity of medical interventions with hands on individualized treatment of each patient and accessibility for acute medical needs, 24/7/365, make us a caring and nurturing family practice.