Healthy Beginnings Start Your Day Off Right. Right?

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Healthy Beginnings Start Your Day Off Right. Right? By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD Brush Your Teeth Let’s begin with the importance of brushing our teeth but NOT with fluoride toothpaste.  Noooo!   Fluoride, despite the best marketing program known to the US, is a systemic poison!  Not only does it cause dental fluorosis, white and brown spots on our children’s teeth which can also leave them brittle and subject to easy breakage from injury and can be lethal for toddlers but also is a blocker of thyroid, blocking iodine absorption into the thyroid as well as blocking our adrenal gland and causing osteoporosis, amotivational syndromes, bone cancer and many other systemic diseases.  Hopefully, our readers will be on the alert for any new legislative initiatives in the 2013 Nevada Legislature to compel mandatory fluoridation of the Nevada water supply which is beyond insanity if you read the literature1.   Clark County now requires it and thankfully Washoe County and the rest of Nevada Counties have remained exempt.  Every country in the world is trying to get rid of fluoride in their water supply except the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and they are on the brink of eliminating it.  Read on which can connect you to hundreds of sites listing the toxicity of fluoride. I can go on for several hours about the folly of fluoride. Having said all that we promote xylitol toothpaste.  It is an alcohol sugar which inhibits cavities and bacteria such a Spry and Xyliwhite.  It is also good to use Tom’s of Maine without fluoride, Weleda from Germany, Neem from India, Bert’s Bees and many other natural types of toothpaste. Eat Sugar for Breakfast. Noooo! I know many adult patients in their fifties that still consume a large Pepsi or Coke for breakfast with up to 20 teaspoons of sugar (HFCS) per bottle.  Children cry and beg for sugary breakfast cereals and eventually wear down their parents.  Sugar, which is usually high fructose corn syrup, clearly causes obesity, depletes the adrenal glands and causes reactive hypoglycemia (the blood sugar jumps up suddenly after eating sugar and then the pancreas dumps too much insulin into the blood stream to take care of the large sugar load and drops the blood sugar).  What happens when the blood sugar drops?  Low blood sugar causes headaches, anger, lack of concentration, poor memory, fatigue, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and many other symptoms.  Kids that bottom out their blood sugar in the middle of the morning can behave  like they suffer from ADHD and the teachers and school nurses in their frustration don’t know what to do and suggest a trial of Ritalin or even stronger amphetamine drugs.  Please address what these kids are eating and push for better nutrients in their diets. Try to get some good proteins for breakfast and avoid soy products which are anti-thyroid and promote estrogen.  Better to serve whole eggs, meat, chicken, cheese, yogurt (goat milk is easier to digest),  apples with almond butter (avoid peanut butter it is has a bad length of fatty acids), rolled oats, Quinoa or a protein drink based in whey, rice, egg or vegetable proteins (not milk based with casein and lactalbumin) with low amounts of sugary carbohydrates. Some new studies show that organic coffee may actually be good for us if one’s adrenal gland can tolerate it without anxiety, nervousness, rapid heart rate or insomnia. Drink Cow’s Milk Nooo! Cow’s milk is for baby cows.  Many children and adults are not only sensitive to the lactose (sugar in cow’s milk) but even more importantly don’t do well with casein and lactalbumin proteins in the milk which is about 4 ½ times longer than human breast milk.   Whole cream is better for most people.  The fat is the good part and the protein can cause inflammation in the intestines and can inflame distant areas of the body such as the sinuses, ears, lungs, joints and other areas.  Our Paleolithic genetics which date back 50,000 years weren’t programmed to drink cow’s milk. In fairness not everyone does poorly with cow’s milk but if kids or adults are sensitive to it they are most likely to be addicted to it and react poorly.   I remember a 65 year old administrator from our area that had a 35 year history of sinusitis with countless antibiotic and antifungal drug interventions with several sinus ablation surgeries and other sinus surgeries and was still miserable.  I asked him if he liked milk and said that he consumed about one gallon of milk per day and I opined that this was the cause of his chronic sinus illness.  He initially balked at my suggestion to discontinue the milk saying that “it was Mother Nature’s perfect food and that God had put milk on the planet for man and the milk couldn’t possibly be the cause of his problem.”  After three or four months he finally stopped the milk and his sinuses almost immediately healed.  He said “Dr. Gerber you are a genius”.  I love genius but milk is a common food sensitivity.

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