BRAIN FOG Chelation – Let Me Count The Ways

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Last Month I gave some of the history of EDTA chelation therapy, an FDA approved therapy for removing lead and other heavy metals.   It has been administered to an estimated one million people in the last 50 years with an 86% positive success rate in helping cardiovascular diseases1. EDTA chelation is most powerfully administered intravenously in a 1 ½ to 2 hour sessions while the patient sits comfortably in an easy chair and can watch TV, read or sleep.   It is usually given weekly for 10 to 30 sessions depending on the needs of the patient.   In these long chelations di sodium-magnesium EDTA is used in conjunction with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, liquid aspirin (also a chelating agent) and heparin (to take the blood to all the body’s nooks and crannies) in the IV bag.  Short chelations can be done in 5 to 10 minutes with calcium EDTA only as an IV push.  Some patients note changes after the first chelation and older sicker patients usually begin noticing changes after 4 to 6 IVs.  I particularly love the memory and brain fog improving power of chelation therapy.  Recently a patient struggling with moderate high blood pressure had a welcomed change in pressure after his first chelation. Before beginning chelation therapy patients must have a physical exam and lab work to make sure their kidneys and livers are functioning properly and that they are not in congestive heart failure.  Checking the hair analysis, red blood cell metals and metals challenge testing is important to establish a base line of heavy metal toxicity and helpful trace mineral sufficiency.  Homeopathic doctors also check their patients energetically with EAV (Electro Acupuncture by Vol), a German testing procedure developed in the 1940’s to be sure the treatment works smoothly for the patient.  Besides IV EDTA it can also be administered effectively orally as a capsule usually in a daily multi vitamin such as Beyond Chelation Improved.   It is also available in a liquid phosphatidylcholine matrix, 1000 bubbles within bubbles, for greater bioavailability and absorption.  Almost as effective as IV chelation is EDTA delivered by rectal suppositories which are available online. Besides medicinal uses EDTA is a food additive that is generally recognized as safe (GRAS). EDTA’s array of biochemical properties make it extremely valuable as a food additive and it is in practically everything. It has the ability to: (1) bind with many metals; (2) act synergistically with other antioxidants to stabilize fats and oils; (3) prevent discoloration of potato products; (4) stabilize vitamins; (5) prevent discoloration of fish and shellfish; (6) prevent flavor changes in milk; (7) inhibit the thickening of stored condensed milk; (8) enhance the foaming properties of reconstituted skim milk; (9) prevent color changes of scrambled eggs prepared from egg powder; (10) preserve canned legumes; (11) prevent gushing in beer; (12) promote flavor retention and delay loss of carbonation in soft drinks; (13) prevent oxidation of meat products; and (14) prevent discoloration of canned fruits and vegetables2-3   I think it preserves humans as well.   Next month more on the other chelating agents which are better  mercury removers.   Aamoth, H.L., and Butt, F.J. Maintaining food quality with chelating agents. Annals New York Academy of Sciences, 1960, 526-531. Furia, T. EDTA in Foods-A Technical Review. Food Technology, 1964, 18: 12, 1874-1882

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