An Amazing Lupus Case

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    Chronic illness is a great challenge for all physicians.  Having a great outcome is genuinely heartwarming for all, patient and physician alike. 

    PG, a 58 year old woman from near Palm Springs, CA in the hazardous waste disposal business had a 25 year history of lupus erythematosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, herpes zoster and osteoporosis.  At our initial consultation she had pains in all her joints especially her hands, three ribs recently had spontaneously fractured and she volunteered that she couldn’t turn on her shower.  She was on Plaquenil for the last 23 years 200 mg bid, Cyclosporin 400 mg bid and Vicodin several per day, many episodes of  IV steroids and six months of Cytoxin in 1995.

     He hair analysis from Doctor’s Data revealed high levels of aluminum, antimony, cadmium, lead, nickel, silver, tin and titanium.

Therapeutic Interventions

     We began with our usual bio-identical hormone support, Nature Thyroid, high dose progesterone cream 60 mg 4 x/day, a la’ Platt, adrenal complex shots with B12  and Folic acid weekly.  Neural therapy with procaine and Zeel, followed with procaine, triamcinolone and ozone to her painful back and neck areas with additional procaine to her abdominal scars and procaine with Spascupreel to her headache points and Ah Shi points on neck and shoulders.  This provided immediate relief for her pain for several weeks.  We started oral chelators, EDTA, DMSA, chlorella, garlic, cilantro and alpha lipoic acid.  

     She tested positive for many viruses and we treated her for Adenovirus, Coronavirus, Coxsackie, CMV, ECHO, Enterovirus, EBV, HSV-1, HSV-2 and HSV Zoster all diluted to 3X, 12X, 30X and 200X .1cc injected into Spleen 6 for 12 days alternating ankles.  We are happy to provide this mix to any physicians requesting it.  It is an amazing therapy for these acute and chronic viruses and has been around Reno for about 30 years first created by John Diamond, MD, HMD, bless his soul. 

Major Therapies

     As I have discussed in the case of reversing severe eye disease, (Integrative Ophthalmology, Townsend Letter August/September, 2012), incorporating Peyer’s patches (PleoRebas) and Pleo Fort (penicillium roqueforti) was paramount. Remembering Dr. Thomas Rau’s teaching that 70% of the body’s immune system resides in the intestines and 90% of the T lymphocytes are made in the Peyer’s patches.  If the Peyer’s patches are injured from antibiotics or environmental toxins then they don’t make enough T Cells.   The diminished number of T cells then can become hyper reactive and autoimmune.  By re implanting the Peyer’s patches and Pleo Fort we restore the soil of the bowel (immune integrity) and reduce auto immunity.  We gave Pleo Rebas and Pleo Fort caps alternating one AM and one PM for one month and then gave the rectal suppositories alternating MWF of Pleo Rebas and TTS of Pleo Fort for six weeks before bed.  At the end of this period she was able to go off all medications and has been pain free for over one year. 

     Additionally, she has been on Pleo Muc eye drops to improve her eye circulation and Extension Resveratrol for additional anti autoimmune therapy with Natrum Muriaticum up to 200C for homeopathic support.

     Her lupus blood profile and ANA are now negative.   She rides her bike every day and is pain free. This is but one case and it gives us hope.  


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